This month, our Curator's Choice is Hints and Declarations by abstract artist Mary Elizabeth Peterson. Perhaps it's our excitement over the ushering in of warmer temperatures, longer, sunnier days, and the seasonal prospect of spending time outside (to those of us in the Northeast) that made us want to highlight this painting in particular - which incorporates bright colors and draws an energetic influence from nature. Read on to learn more about this piece, and why we love it. 

What It's About

Mary Elizabeth Peterson is inspired by visual memories of the natural environment. As she sorts through these memories, she pulls individual elements and forms which are non representational, but which she assembles in an effort to engage the viewer in the present moment. "My art originates from the memory of remote landscapes, waterways and intriguing natural objects like seedpods," Mary Elizabeth says about her work. "My aim is to question how we experience nature in our increasingly technological lives, and counter the passive intake of images that bombard us daily, by enticing the viewer to engage in the present for a moment."

Where It Works

At 48" x 36", this abstract mixed media painting is large enough to make a statement, and small enough not to overwhelm. The bright, bold colors work in harmony with one another, adding energy and vibrancy to a space. A piece that is so bright but so versatile is rare, in that it can really be placed it in any room - ideally one that needs a spark of life. 

Why We Love It

Hints and Declarations seems to be both a conceptual and visual exploration in balance. Achieving a sense of balance is a struggle most of us face daily, but it seems that amidst the chaos of lines, drips, and striking colors, this painting as a whole finds a comfortable space and settles in. That visual comfort is where the bright, varying forms cease to compete with one another. Here, the viewer may find they can quiet their minds, rest their eyes, and reconnect with their own humanity, while maintaining an enthusiasm for everything the world has to offer. 

You can shop Hints and Declarations as an original painting, or purchase it as a fine art print. To see all available art by Mary Elizabeth Peterson, visit her Artist Page


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