Whether you're shopping for an open or limited edition print, you're able to customize it in a variety of ways - by style, size, frame, and more. Read our step-by-step breakdown to learn about how to customize your print - it's as easy as one, two, three.... four. 

1. Choose your Print Style. First, when viewing a print, it's important to understand that while some prints are offered on paper and canvas, some are only offered on paper OR canvas. For prints where the option is available, you'll start by clicking your preferred style in the customizer beneath the print description. 

2. Select Size. The next step is to select your print size. This is the size of the print itself (actual image printed). And remember - some prints will start the customization process with the size selection option because they are only offered as paper OR canvas. You can find information on whether the print is one or the other in the product description (located just under the art title, artist and price). 

3. Choose a Presentation. After selecting your print size, it's time to select how you would like it presented. Framing options will differ depending on whether the print is a paper or canvas. 

Paper prints can have one of nine different frames added, or, you can select the last option to leave your print unframed. 

For canvas frames, at this step you can select if you'd like your canvas unframed (rolled), stretched (ready to hang without a frame), or framed (stretched with a floater frame added). 

Hover your mouse over each thumbnail image for a larger image and description of the frame type before clicking to choose! To learn more about the different frame types, please visit our Prints Explained page

4. Put on the Finishing Touches. If you selected a frame option, you'll have one more step. For paper prints, you'll be prompted to select if you'd like your framed print matted or unmatted. The options will appear as buttons - be sure to look at the framed art dimensions provided, as matting your frame will increase the overall size of your print. The dimensions provided are accurate within 1", but more information on the different frame types can be found on our Prints Explained page if size is a concern. 

For canvas prints, when you select the floater option, you'll then need to select the color - white, black, silver, gold, or dark walnut.* Hover your mouse over each thumbnail image for a larger image and description of the frame type before clicking to choose. 

*As of July, 2022, canvas floater frame options also include oak and white oak. Please note that these additions are not visible in the image above but can be found on any print listing. Visit the Prints Explained page to learn more about each frame option. 

5. You're all done! Click the "Add to Cart" button and you'll see your print populate in your cart, which can be accessed via the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

After checking out, you'll be sent a confirmation email, and as soon as your print is produced and ships, we'll follow up with tracking information. For shipping details, visit our Shipping & Returns page. If you have any additional questions about how to customize your print, contact us


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