Sorelle is pleased to announce that we are kicking off October by partnering with Scout & Cellar to bring you Sorelle Wine! Scout & Cellar sources the very best Clean-Crafted™ wines from family-owned and small vineyards all over the world. 

When you click to shop Clean-Crafted™ wines via Sorelle's website, you're shopping through our seller profile. This means that we are a Scout & Cellar seller - you purchase their selection of wines through Sorelle, and we also host tasting events at the gallery, and can help you with orders and any questions you may have. So on that note, let's start answering some questions!

What does Clean-Crafted™ mean?

Clean-Crafted™ wine goes through two rounds of independent lab testing to guarantee that it's free of yucky stuff like synthetic pesticides and chemical additives, and has fewer than 100ppm of total sulfites. Farming and production practices are also evaluated to confirm that all wines are, meet Clean-Crafted™ requirements. Why? Because Scout & Cellar's selection of wines are held to a high standard, as well as the commitment to offering a more natural, altogether better-tasting wine experience. 

What different types of wine products are carried through Sorelle Wine?

When you shop Clean-Crafted™ wines on Sorelle's seller profile, you can click "Wine" in the main navigation to see the different options. You can shop by type of wine (red, white, sparkling, etc.), shop for can sets over bottles, or shop for gift sets. There is even a holiday guide with special edition holiday bottles and sets! And if you need to add some artsy flair to your gift, we've got you covered. Click below to learn more about our Fine Art Wine Totes

Can I purchase wine and a Wine Tote in the same order? 

Because of the way our seller profile is configured, to purchase wine you will need to make the order directly through our profile on Scout & Cellar. To place a wine tote order, you will need to complete your purchase through Sorelle's website. Just enter the same shipping address and your two items will arrive, ready to go!

What is 'Scout Circle?'

Scout Circle is the Scout & Cellar wine club. The true wine lover can join Scout Circle for exclusive benefits like flat-rate pricing, free shipping, and special labels available to Scout Circle members only. To join, visit the Scout Circle page via Sorelle's seller profile, and click to join. You'll be prompted to enter whether you want red, white, or a mix of wines, followed by the number of bottles and frequency of delivery. If you love wine, there's no doubt about it - Scout Circle is the way to wine. 

I think I've tried Scout & Circle wine when visiting Sorelle Gallery before - was that the same?

It was! Over the last year, we have hosted Scout & Circle wine tastings at several events, including during the holidays, exhibition openings, and during the Art + Walk in Downtown Westport throughout September. To be the first to know when Scout & Cellar wine tastings will be happening at the gallery, be sure to sign up for our newsletter (in the footer of this page), and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

How do I know if I'll like it? 

We recommend starting with the Scout Sampler by clicking here.  There's obviously no way to know until you try, but what a fun way to find out. 

You can also visit the Sorelle Wine page on our website and scroll to the bottom of the page to view our "Sorelle Favorites," which is a seasonal selection of our top-choice wines, curated by our team. We're no wine aficionados, but we like to think we have a knack for the "FINEr" things (Fine art. Get it?). 

Have questions about Sorelle Wine? No problem! Contact us and we can help you make selections, place orders, or join the Wine Club. Wine not, right? 


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