The Sorelle team is thrilled to introduce our two newest artists! While similar in their minimalist sensibility, Mauricio Morillas' body of work is an overall neutral palette, using repurposed materials and focusing on small, delicate elements to create the larger balanced composition. Ellie Winberg hand crafts her own paper which she then layers onto canvas with pigment, resulting in textured works with bold, rich colors. Read on to learn more about each of these unique creators and their individual processes. 

Mauricio Morillas

Mauricio Morillas uses mixed media and resin on wood panel to create his artwork. Originally from Mexico, he now lives and works in New York City. 

"I am influenced both by the cultural richness of my hometown of Mexico City as well as the urban landscapes of New York City where I now create most of my art," says Morillas. "As a mixed media artist, I experiment with technique and use diverse materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, paper, glass and resin.  I focus on creating subtle textures and blurring the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional perspectives so that the viewer's eye sees something new at every level and on every inch of the piece. Working in mixed media is a constant learning experience, an exploration to discover how unlikely things will react to each other.  I build layers, transform and repurpose my materials, and create shadows and indentations until a composition is complete.  I want each piece to be a unique vision preserving detail and contrasts within an overall minimalist aesthetic."

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Ellie Winberg

Born in Michigan, Ellie Winberg lived in California and The Netherlands before moving to New York where she now lives and maintains at art studio in Brooklyn. Having studied Economics which led to a career in banking, she discovered papermaking while taking a course at Pratt Institute and instantly knew that was her passion. Her work is created using handmade paper with pigment on canvas. 

Ellie pushes the boundary of handmade papermaking to create rich, textural artwork that follows a minimalist aesthetic. She explores the range of possibilities that paper offers as art, often incorporating metal, plexiglas and glazes into her compositions. Her work challenges the traditional notions of handmade paper, using a process of layering to achieve nuance and depth.

Beating, mixing and pouring paper pulp requires harnessing a flow of energy and transforming buckets of wet pulp into deliberate designs. The end result is not to create paper, but to create shapes, curves and textures as an abstract art form that is both visually magnetic and alluring.  The resulting textures lead to interesting contrasts of smooth, rough, shiny and mat while at the same time, following a minimalist composition that allows the viewer to imagine their own associations. 

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