We are pleased to introduce our newest artist, Alma Ramirez. Alma's original paintings capture coastal scenes with vibrant planes of fragmented pastel colors. Originally from Mexico, Alma is now based in St. Augustine, Florida, the location which largely influences her colorful and serene scenes. 

"From my studio in St. Augustine I recite the real poetry of nature - the sounds of the ocean, the smells in the air, the way light dapples on water,  and colors warmed by the sun," Alma says. 

"The inspiration for my style came from an unlikely origin, when I accidentally dropped my camera into water while capturing a panorama. I was disheartened, but the images I found on my water-damaged camera were wonderfully broken and distorted, showing me the landscape from a different perspective that deeply resonated with me as an artist and storyteller. Over the years, I have honed and further developed this new way of seeing.

"Studying the harmony of colors and light, I layer acrylic paint onto canvas or wood panel, articulating the feelings and mood transmitted by a scene. Through this vision, I share my artistic journey and love of nature with the world."

"What I love about Alma's work," says Sorelle Owner, Sandy Pelletier, "is that it resonates differently for each viewer. Some may look at her use of muted tones and see something calm and quiet - reminiscent of the colors you see at sunrise. Others may see the pinks she injects in her work - often where you may least expect them, and see a certain undercurrent of energy. I am delighted to welcome Alma as a Sorelle artist."

You can shop Alma's full collection on her Artist page.


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