We are pleased to introduce our newest artist, Sarah Finucane

Sarah's abstract artwork fuses a wide variety of colors, forms, organic shapes, line work, and text elements together to create eccentric original paintings. She invites the viewer to get lost in almost wild compositions, created using tools that range from mops to graphite to fresh fruit covered in acrylic paint. Although Sarah takes two different, seemingly opposed approaches to her work - one that employs a methodical, meticulous planning process and the other which is driven more by pure emotion, the end result is ultimately similar: an expression of the artist's energy, personal memories, and boldness. 

"From the onset of my career as an artist and designer, I’ve always rebelled against conventions," Sarah says. "And I’ve always embraced the challenge of making something out of nothing. When I took my career in product experience design as far as I felt it could go, I was both burnt out and bored. I took a hiatus from my corporate job and began the process of rebooting through painting—retrograding back to my roots and love for creating fine art.

"I’m currently working between two opposite approaches: The first is frenetic, unintentional and painterly—starting with zero conscious thoughts. It all begins with a feeling. Bold mash-ups of contrasting colors, clean lines and primitive marks, sometimes made by using unconventional almost irreverent tools, like dipping a lemon in paint and rolling it across the canvas so it aimlessly leaves its own trail. Or using a mop with the opposite hand and eyes closed to create the first layer of paint. Juxtaposing my personal narrative and symbols from the music or memory, the feeling eventually takes part in shaping the concept of the piece. Exploring moods that are witty, edgy, irreverent, rebellious, recklessness, honest, a little wacky — sometimes a little upbeat and other times a little bit moody.

"The second is often more planned—a designed approach that starts with a digital sketch on my iPad. I made hundreds of digital brushes from scratch that replicate my studio tools. Initially I did this so I could paint when I’m traveling, but ultimately discovered a new style. Using color as my muse, I explore textures, patterns, and creating deeply layered compositions—every time viewed, there is something new to discover."

A graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design, Sarah lived in Venice, CA for many years where she worked as a Creative Director and Product Design Strategist. Recently, she returned to the Northeast where she is originally from, and has become a full-time artist, creating original artwork out of her Connecticut studio. 

"We had been looking for an artist that incorporated text elements in their work for quite a while," Sorelle Founder, Sandy Pelletier says. "When we saw Sarah's work, we loved how seamlessly she wove not just text, but drawn elements, patterns, and brilliant color together into a balanced composition that almost jumps off the canvas. Her work is brimming with energy, and it's honestly just fun to get lost in her paintings."

You can see all of Sarah's original paintings and fine art prints in her Artist Collection here. Feel free to contact us with any questions about Sarah's work as well! 


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