While we enjoy every single one of our installs, Sorelle's Art Advisors chose 5 favorites to commemorate another year gone by! Thank you, 2018. You were fabulous.



Daniel Pollera's beautiful marine paintings "Shades of Sapphire" and "Late August Sunset" elicit a feeling of calm solitude. The surrounding decor's warm taupe and sandy browns allow the artwork to dazzle with color and contrast.

"These clients were not new to art collecting, and already had existing paintings in the two areas, however, they wanted to freshen the space while still keeping true to the nautical, beachy theme. There was some concern that having two works by the same artist, close in proximity, would be overwhelming. But the pieces are so different in composition and emotion they made a beautiful, distinct statement. It was impossible for the client to say no to either! As we do with many installs, we found new homes for their previous pieces in other spots in their house, and they got the real "Wow!" they were looking for!" - Miranda

Elwood Howell's "Slow Morning" sits behind a modern-yet-rustic dining room table; a beautiful backdrop in a location where family is brought together. The subtle lavender and robin's egg blues pop in a room where pearlescence is the main focus, sending the art into the spotlight.

"Krista Fox Interiors created a vision of a formal dining room! We worked with the designer to narrow down the selection of 'art fits' for the room. When we delivered the pieces on approval, Elwood Howell's painting was the shining star; it felt right at home. The clients are avid art collectors of more traditionally-inspired pieces, and they were looking for something different. Elwood's loose, dream-like interpretation of the landscape offered a perfect transition from the traditional." - Caitlin


Sheryl Daane-Chesnut's work elicits nature in a unique and visually exciting way. Playing off the other neutrals elements in the dining room, including the ceramics and wood display tray, this installation of "Black Ice" and "Grasslands (1)" incorporates outdoor elements with sophistication and elegance.

"This house in Stamford on the water has stunning views that literally look like one of Daniel Pollera's paintings. The client wanted to bring the outside-in, but not an expected or conventional way. Sheryl's work brought the feeling of water without a blue palette. One of the paintings was framed, while the other was not, so working in tandem with Handwright Gallery & Framing, we brought samples to the house and the clients picked their favorite. The new frames were bold and clean and their dark interior created beautiful contrast around the artwork." - Danielle


"Rhythmic Autumn Stretch" by Rob Lorenson generates a statement that's impossible to ignore. Enveloped by carefully manicured greenery and placed on a stone pedestal, it becomes an incredible feature of this outdoor entertaining area.

"We love working with all of our clients, and this one was definitely special! Rob Lorenson is a terrific artist who came to Connecticut to manually install his aluminum all-weather sculpture onto this client's stonework pedestal. It's great when we can bring the artist and the client together, and during this installation it began snowing! The white snow only made the vibrant crimson of the sculpture stand out even more." - Caitlin

Stacy Milburn's "Softness Panels" frame the french doors leading to a beautiful backyard. The artwork and the interior decor is warm and inviting, yet sleek and contemporary.

"This install was something new for us -- our first installation of large scale mirror artwork! Having worked with the client in the past, we knew their specific style and taste, and when these pieces came to the gallery, we knew we had to send images to gather their opinion. Sometimes it's destiny, like it was for these two mirrors! The client loved them, and they fit perfectly in the space... so much so that even the mirror's frames matched all of the other silver-washed elements of the living room." - Christine



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