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White Sails in Pink

Caroline Pacula


Print Options:

  • White Frame (no mat, adds approximately 1" around print size)

  • Acrylic

Please allow 2-3 weeks for printing and production.

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SKU: CP036

Year: 2020

Medium: Photography

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About Caroline Pacula

Dreamlike yet specific, Caroline Pacula’s print photography marries a painterly aesthetic with the soft view of memory. Her approach to photography is to find the perfect light to frame a scene and tell a unique narrative.

While she has lived in the Bay Area for most of her life, Caroline is Dutch and was born in France. As a child, she lived abroad as an expatriate in countries like Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, France and Nigeria. This early exposure to diverse cultures and (later) traveling internationally while working for Google, instilled in her a continued sense of wanderlust, and became her inspiration as a photographer.

A self-taught artist, she says her passion for photography is because, "It is powerful as it both captures and transcends a moment in time. I play with light, color, and scale to reveal an almost surreal quality."

Caroline's photography can be found at Serena & Lily online and in-store, this year's Gold Collective book, and was recently featured in Marin Living Magazine in the Associated Press​, and at the Decorator Showcase Aspire Show House,through September, 2020. Caroline resides in San Francisco in the Marina with her husband and two sons.

To learn more about Caroline, read our interview with her where we chat about her creative inspiration and process, on the blog.