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Blue Chiffon

Teodora Guererra


48" x 36" gallery wrapped canvas. Ready to hang.

"I love exploring the fluidity and energy of water through paint and the colors merged creating the strong layers of blue and white over texture.  When this was complete it reminded me of the chiffon fabric.  Looks wonderful horizontal too!" - Teodora Guererra

SKU: TG228

Year: 2017

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

About Teodora Guererra

Teodora Guererra’s abstract artistic vision has evolved throughout her years spent painting and teaching in Connecticut, Arizona, and Upstate New York. Arizona’s naturally radiant landscape and arid climate led Guererra to experiment with rich under-painting and vivid color, while the shifting seasons of the East Coast inspired her to pursue dripping and staining techniques. Her focus has always been pushing the limits through experimentation with new materials.

“As an artist, painting can be tormenting and sublime at the same time. I'm a big risk taker, experimenting with different materials to layer, stain and saturate color on large canvases. My most successful work achieves a sense of fluid movement with saturated color, that is minimalistic yet complex. The end result should be a painting that dances across the canvas and quiets all the noise.” 

Guererra received her undergraduate and graduate Art degrees from Southern Connecticut University, The College of Saint Rose and Skidmore College.

Guererra’s paintings can be found in public and private collections across the U.S., including the Allmen Health and Wellness Center for Women in New York and SUNY Brockport, NY, William & Sonoma, San Francisco, CA.

Her work is influenced by artists such as Pat Steir, John McCracken, Helen Frankenthaler, Donald Jud, Bernar Venet, Agnes Martin and Brian Rutenberg.


“Sometimes the few people I see ask, where have you been, and I smile and say I’ve been traveling, because I’ve been in my studio for way too long. I’m a bit of a recluse so you will probably never meet or see me. My paintings are how I see the world. I’m a big risk taker, so the work can be a series of continuous failures until I can work it out. It may start with a memory, like my feet in the warm sand at the shore which becomes the essence at the start.  Then as I move my brush in gestural sweeps across the canvas and the painting starts to take shape.  I will add and scrap away layers and through this process I will find the final composition, and then, when everything comes together, it’s heaven.”