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Geometry Art Vases

Kanyon Shop


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Geometric 80s Memphis Art Vase. A funky style with playful wavy shapes and bold colors as a statement piece to make your home more fun & lively. Mix and match to create a look that suits your home.


Sand - 21cm height x 13.5cm width
Clay - 28cm height x 13cm width
Orange - 22cm height x 10cm width
Green - 16cm height x 13cm width
Blue - 11cm height x 16cm width


SKU: sku-41902565425378



About Kanyon Shop

Kanyon Shop was founded in 2021 with the mission to curate aesthetic home decor. 

The team at Kanyon knows what it feels like to live in a house that's not quite your own—you want to make it yours, but don't know where to start. That's why Kanyon is here - here to help you create the inspiring home you deserve, whether that means a bold, retro-inspired living room or a cozy, modern kitchen. Kanyon Shop believes in creating homes that feel like a reflection of the person who lives in them.