Kathi Blinn

Kathi Blinn (1952 - 2016) began her artistic career painting bold, abstract art, and later went on to make a living as a graphic artist. She also taught decorative art and painted murals. After Kathi's children grew up, she returned to painting. Her work exhibited a simple composition that evokes emotion through strong colors and pure design, reflective of personal experience.

Kathi Blinn lived in the small town of Stillwater, NY along the Hudson River. She was a member of Oil Painters of America, the Saratoga County Arts Council, and the Rockport Art Association where her work received wide acclaim. Kathi’s original pieces have been purchased and sought after locally, nationally, and internationally.

"I believe in living life out loud, with passion and joy, and it is my intent to express both the excitement and stillness of a passionate life through my art. Somewhere in between my expression and the viewer's reception is where the real art occurs.”