Lori Mehta

"Our World is complex. We are inundated with information, social media, technology, and overpowering visuals. Quiet moments and things often go unnoticed, as we juggle the pace of our modern day world. As my children got older, and this pace subsided a bit, I noticed that my fondest memories were not those of grandeur, but that of a recognizable gesture, or an unsung moment, those which we often see out of the corner of our eye. I hope my paintings help the viewer reconsider the beauty of the ordinary and evoke relatable moments.     

There is a state of mind I often enter while painting that I would consider my sweet spot. It is when I am no longer thinking figuratively, and the paint is applied as a series of shapes. In working this way, I find I am able to paint what I see rather than a preconceived idea of what I imagine something looks like. I begin my process with a very technical, accurate drawing, then use a wash of paint to determine values. This preliminary work allows me to paint freely and get into a state of 'flow,' which is a mental state where one is immersed in a feeling of complete absorption and energized focus.

Light and gesture are what I seek. Light can turn ordinary into extraordinary by distorting color and shape. The simplest gesture, how someone tilts their head, stands, can tell a story. I would like the viewer to imagine their own story, recall their own memory, so I simplify the image to accentuate the gesture or mood.

My artistic goals are to continue improving and not allow fear to dictate how I move forward. I have been painting for about six years. My motto is “what’s the worst that could happen?” For me, painting is a forever evolving process that feeds on experimentation. I believe periods of success and disappointment are conducive to creating better art. 

The process of painting is invigorating. It is also a period of time in which I have trained myself to shut out all distractions. There is a purity to this state of mind. I create art because nothing gives me a greater sense of calm and purpose."