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Hello Sunshine *

Nancy Sharpe


36" x 36" original artwork.

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Notes from the Artist

About Nancy Sharpe

After an education in international relations in Washington, D.C., Paris, and Rome, a career as a luxury PR specialist, and living abroad in England and Scotland for many years, Nancy Sharpe settled in Connecticut with her British husband, two Australian Labradoodles, and children Izzy and Ollie.

In 2018, Sharpe began painting in her "Cider House Studio" - a vintage barn on the Connecticut coast which was originally used to store and make apple cider. A large space full of light, it was the perfect space to start an artistic career. Painting, Nancy feels, has given her the opportunity to start her own business, make her own rules (and break them sometimes), meet other creatives and entrepreneurs and most importantly, make people happy.

Her art and life are driven by wanderlust, a quirky love of art history, a passion for color, wild flower gardens, and the sea. Considering herself a mostly self-taught intuitive artist, Nancy is known for her playful use of color, confronting the viewer directly with the purely happy world she creates.

Nancy's father recently commented on one of her abstract floral paintings, saying, "You know, I don’t remember you ever being ‘into art’ when you were at school.”  He was right.  Although always creative, Nancy only began painting seriously later in life. Nancy’s theory is that creatives need many outlets, and sometimes it takes a while to find them.

Artist Statement

"I like to do things my own way. Why look up how to do something, when you can just jump in with both feet and figure it out? So, I am a mostly self-taught artist, using my intuition and sense of balance and harmony to create happily unconventional and expressive abstracts, florals, and beach-themed works. 

"Idyllic themes of joy and wanderlust, my love of travel, my happy memories of living in Paris, Rome, Edinburgh and the English countryside, my gardens and my current life on the beautiful Connecticut coast, are the foundations that sustain my creativity.

"To me, being an artist is about making choices and taking the decisions that can and will change the direction of a piece of work in an instant. Decisions on subject, color, texture, what stays, what goes... Those are just some of the tools I incorporate while creating my expressive and highly layered and textured paintings. 'Color' and 'freedom' are my current mantras."