Thomas McNickle

"For as long as I can remember, the landscape has been the focus for my thoughts, time, and energy. I consider it a privilege to deal, on a daily basis, with this subject.

When I confront the landscape, I am overwhelmed by the specificity of the moment, the place, and the light.  Through painting I try not only to experience the moment, but to connect with it in a way that is outside the moment…timeless.

I work both in the studio and on location, painting watercolors plein-air which serve as studies for larger watercolors and oils done in the studio.  As the studio works unfold, they provide an access to my memory of the time and place…not a literal visual memory, but a kind of organic memory, allowing me to re-experience them in totally new ways. My process is like following a piece of string to its origin.

I want my work to be evocative of the initial experience rather than descriptive of it. Ultimately, it must be about experience. I want the scene to take precedence over what I do and what I think I know. My landscapes come directly from my understanding of, and involvement with, my immediate surroundings – the fields, the woods and marshes that I have known since childhood.

Through my work I try to capture the sites, sounds, smells and endless cycles that are the places I paint…to discover, what  Patrick Kavanagh called,  'The undying difference in the corner of a field.'"