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"23Nove2012v.1" Swirling Lines Mask

Roger Mudre


This mask is made of 100% cotton with stretch loops. It measures 8" wide by 5.5" high. Made in the USA, it features 23Nove2012v.1 by artist Roger Mudre. Click here to see 23Nove2012v.1 as a customizable print.

Your art print will be printed on the front side only, with a plain, soft white cotton back. To clean, hand wash the mask in cold water, late flat to dry, and steam press. Please note that this mask is not considered PPE, and will not be effective as a medical-grade, disposable mask. 

Please also note that production times may take up to 10-14 business days depending on demand. You will receive a shipping notice with a tracking number when your mask(s) are on their way. 


About Roger Mudre

The focus of Roger Mudre’s work is the circle. This Connecticut-based artist finds inspiration in the colors and patterns of nature. Painting in jewel toned acrylics, he builds sheer layers of color on a subtly reflective metal leaf surface to create a picture plane that changes with the viewer’s perspective. 

Roger's work is part of many corporate and private collections including Hotel Zero Degrees in Norwalk, Connecticut, Frontier Communications, and the Energizer Corporation in Shelton, Connecticut. Roger is influenced by Joesph Albers, Sol LeWitt, and Mark Rothko.

I have never known any other path to take except that of an artist. The concept of infinity has been the inspiration for my work, employing the circle, the perfect form, as a muse. These mages reference microscopic worlds, cellular growth, auras, the cosmos, and places unseen, only imagined. The square format allows for a field of pattern that continues equally in all directions, reinforcing the feeling of infinity. My paintings begin with the application of metallic leaf. Using both additive and subtractive techniques, multiple layers of glazed color are built up. The underlying metallic leaf not only adds a rich tone to the work, it allows the light to refract off the surface of the finished painting. A variety of tools are used including brushes, scrapers and rags giving the paintings a very nuanced texture and complex depth of color. The combination of reflective metal leaf and the many layers of glazed color allow the painting to appear subtly different, depending on the light and viewing angle, creating a constantly changing visual experience. The result is a record of a journey that is both a sensuous and a creative exploration."