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Sarah Finucane


16" x 16" original artwork. 

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About Sarah Finucane


"As a rebellious high schooler with a reputation for cutting classes, I spent my days in the dark room or at the local arts guild, indulging in the art classes I was actually interested in rather than suffering through algebra," Sarah says. "Despite my love for skipping school, I still managed to earn a spot on the honor roll my senior year. After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design, I headed west to the sunny (and slightly sketchy) beaches of Venice, California, where I spent the next two decades working as a Creative Director and Product Design Strategist by day and perfecting my painting skills by night.

"Now, I've come full circle and returned to my roots in the lush and snowy landscapes of the east coast, setting up a private art and design studio in a converted post and beam barn that was once a General Store in the 1740s. With the help of my three studio assistants, my rescue terrier Potter, and my cats Cleo and Sparky, I'm able to bring my creative vision to life in this unique and inspiring space."

Artist Statement

"As an artist and designer, I've always relished the challenge of turning nothing into something. After reaching the peak of my career in product design, I found myself craving something more. So, I took a break from the corporate world and returned to my artistic roots through painting.

"I currently work with two distinct approaches: one that is frenetic, spontaneous, and painterly, and another that is methodically designed and planned. The first approach is fueled by the music on my playlist, and involves bold color combinations, clean lines, and primitive marks. The second approach is inspired by color and involves exploring textures, patterns, and eclectic layered compositions.

"In my studio, I use a wide range of mediums, tools and techniques, including acrylic, oil sticks, spray paint, pastels, graphite, ink, and everything from wallpaper brushes to  fruit. I also incorporate printmaking and collaging techniques, sewing and collage, using both painted and found objects like vintage wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazines, piano paper, and sewing patterns.

"Overall, my work is characterized by its wit, edginess, irreverence, honesty, and a playful, eclectic, and whimsical range of moods."