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Bowl of Tomatoes

Sarah Finucane


48" x 36" gallery wrapped canvas with finished sides. Wired and ready to hang.

"When I do intuitive work like this, I don't have a conscious intention. I just happen on a place where I wanted to add a key color. I grabbed this tomato-red and made some dots. They started to look like grape tomatoes... Music is always on when I am painting. The lyrics jog all sorts of random memories - from my nephew calling a friend 'Tomater' to my grandfather, Farf, who was a killer gardener. He used to grow zucchinis the size of baseball bats and the most amazing cherry tomatoes. When I was a kid I used to stuff my cheeks full of them, like a chipmunk." - Sarah Finucane

SKU: SF014

Year: 2022

Medium: Mixed Media on Unprimed Canvas

About Sarah Finucane

In high school, Sarah cut classes and hid out in the dark room. Occasionally, she'd take art classes at the local arts guild instead of going to school. According to the principal, she set a new record for the most cut classes. That said, she still made honor roll her senior year.

She went on to graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design, and later moved to the beach in Venice, California. At the time, Venice was said to be where “art met crime.” She invested twenty unforgettable years into helping brands create fans as a Creative Director and Product Design Strategist by day, and evolving her palette and skill as a painter by night.

She now feels she's come full circle in her artistic career. She returned East to the lush green (and snowy white) landscapes of her early years, and set up a private art & design studio not far from the arts guild to where she once escaped.