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Eclipsing Midnight II

Stacy Milburn


60 x 36 (Framed dimensions 62 x 38)


Mixed Media on Mirror

Price : Sale price $4,139.99 Regular price $4,600.00


Professionally framed in a warm silver frame.

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Stacy gravitates towards using mirror as her canvas. Stacy has mastered the art of using color within a mirror to ground a space and complement any interior. Designers and millwork artisans have also incorporated her works as paneling and backsplash elements.  She also collaborates with photographers to create layers of silver over black and white abstract portraiture and architectural elements that etches the present over an image taken from the past. The effect is unexpected and timeless. She calls her pieces, "Mirrored Art."

Stacy loves working with the reflective properties of silver and copper contrasted with black, vibrant or muted colors. Stacy’s stand alone pieces evoke a dynamic and fresh feeling via an abstract medium that is current and on-point with what collectors and designers are looking for to anchor a space and infuse light. Her pieces are unexpected, stylish and multi-dimensional reflective pieces.

Stacy’s art involves rigorous processes and disciplines with paints and chemicals to achieve maximum beauty with esthetic impact. Her work incorporates muddled nuances of textures, multiple layers of colors and ripples in silver. Colors and sizes are custom and can be taken from any paint deck. Prices available upon request. 

Stacy studied at Parson’s New School of Design in New York, NY and has an International Business and Spanish degree from Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. Stacy is married to Nat Milburn and has five children - Claire and Jack Joyce and Jessica, Danielle and Alex Milburn.


I believe that every mirror has a story to tell. As an artist and designer I want my mirrors to tell that story with texture, light, color and inherent nuances of silver, tin and copper. Mirror art should add unexpected elements of artistry that a canvas cannot capture. I find my work moving in more organic minimalist directions that reflect serene elements of nature including wind, rain and the ocean.