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Embrace Beauty

Kimerlee Curyl


Chief is a magnificent stallion from the Sulphur Springs herd management area in Utah. After his round up and removal from family and homeland he unfortunately endured various forms of abuse while attempts were made to “break” him.

Historically, Chief either turned his back or fled any attempts at eye contact or touch from humans. It wasn’t his preference, until one day, a very young boy was put into his surroundings. This boy had known nothing but abuse his entire life, starting in the crib. Chief took his first kind steps towards a human with this boy. Recognizing their shared wounds, and acknowledging vulnerability. When the session ended, he then positioned himself between the boy and the facilitator in an effort to protect him.


(2010) Photography. Return to Freedom Sanctuary, Sulphur Spring HMG, Utah.

Limited Edition Print Options:

  • Print Only (Metallic Chromogenic or Cotton Rag)

  • Metallic Chromogenic Print Under Plexiglass

  • Metal Sublimation

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SKU: KC002-PHO-MC-24x36

Year: 2010

Medium: Photography

About Kimerlee Curyl

Kimerlee Curyl lives in the valley of Santa Ynez, CA with two horses, a paint mare named Sequoia and a young, newly adopted wild mustang, el Regalo. She is represented by one of the country’s largest fine art publishers, many prestigious galleries, and her work is included in numerous installations as well as private and celebrity collections globally. Her work has also been used in advertising campaigns. Most importantly, it has become a small voice our remaining wild horses. For Kimerlee's complete bio, click here

"Wild Mustangs. Without them, the great west was not possible. We traveled, explored, and built this land by holding onto their manes and riding the spirit of their hearts. We can honor that gift by being their voice. These beautiful legends, magnificent symbols of freedom and grace are being stripped from their homes, families torn apart and an icon will soon be lost forever. It is my hope to not only celebrate the beauty and magnificence of these creatures but to help them. They are a living, breathing history museum, a vital element in our heritage, to our ecosystem, and to our humanity. To lose them would be a tragically irresponsible disrespect to our past, present and future. Art...has a voice."