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Formal Affair

Yvonne Mora


16 x 20 (30.5 x 33.5 framed)


Oil on Canvas

Price : Regular price $1,500.00

(2012) Oil on canvas

SKU: YM030 | 16 x 20 (30.5 x 33.5 framed)

Professionally framed in a gold-hued metal leaf frame with a linen gold liner.

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Throughout her work, Yvonne Mora has carefully selected her subjects, delicately placing on canvas, firm brushstrokes and rapid variations of light that bring out emotions from the spectator.

Her artwork is based on simple daily activities and evening galas depicting young couples dancing and out, flower markets, women cleaning clothes in the river, the ballerinas series, and finally the jazz musicians series, Yvonne Mora has explored these subjects with great awareness of their significance. In her paintings, each subject is depicted with vivid brush strokes, each possesses an ineffable delicacy, and each related to the others in a kind of organic interdependence that calls to mind the completeness of a living being. The subject moves in a well-balanced gravity. Space and time are fragmented and folded with quick brush stroke and pleasant interconnection of light and shadows. Yvonne's artwork evokes tremendous movement and subtle heat instigated by delicate sensual pleasure irradiated by the careful depiction of human beings.