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Into His Love

Amy Donaldson


48" x 48" original artwork. 

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About Amy Donaldson

Amy has refined her signature style so that it embodies a sense of immediacy and a boldness of expression, combined with her brilliant perspective of the world constantly evolving around her. Some pieces burst with joy and expose  divine light, while some are cloaked in a more intimate softness often resembling European Romanticism and Impressionism.

Each composition is a passionate and vibrant example of Amy’s boldness in expressing her connection to color and light. Her perspective on how these elements play out on canvas is meant to inspire and awaken one’s senses to the glory she beholds as she creates. This is achieved by her fusion of powdered natural pigments with oil paint that are applied in a freely expressive manner as she is led in spirit. Elements of graffiti will appear at times that demonstrate Amy’s broad connection to various societal artistic expressions, all forming a window to her view of the  natural world.

A native of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Amy Donaldson has exhibited internationally and in the United States, including London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, and in notable exhibitions including a solo show in Paris, the Brussels Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, Atlanta’s National Juried Exhibitions, and Illinois State Museum. Her work has appeared in the television series Chicago PD, and publications including Luxe Magazine and Nuevo Estilo Magazine and others. Her studio and home are currently in Redding, California.

"I think of my work as a revelation of color and light resonating from the heart of creation’s glory. Each brush stroke and every color placed on the canvas emanates from the depths of my spirit in an expression of the healing, joy, and perfect love found in heaven’s light. Every piece holds a presence in a pursuit to inspire the heart and turn the eye to a new expression of perfect love."

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