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Outerstellar II

Stephen Ciuccoli

from $1,500.00

Artwork hangs horizontally or vertically.

Print options:

  • Flush-Mounted Plexiglass

  • Metal Sublimation

Please allow up to 3 weeks for printing.

    SKU: SC003

    Year: 2018

    Medium: Photography

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    About Stephen Ciuccoli

    Stephen Ciuccoli is an internationally published advertising and fashion photographer working in the New York Metro area. He is a compulsive image-maker with interests ranging from reportage to noir narrative.

    Born in Scranton, PA, Ciuccoli studied photojournalism at Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He fell in love with the control of the studio environment while interning for a fashion and advertising photographer. Early in his career, Ciuccoli focused on large format advertising and conceptual photography for Fortune 500 companies. As his career progressed, Ciuccoli embraced journalistic images and portraiture. But when a long-time magazine client offered him a fashion shoot, Ciuccoli took the assignment. From that moment, there was no turning back.Ā 

    "Photography is a way of making sense out of what I see and feel. My camera is my notebook. Inspired by constantly looking at scenes and images, I am more picture-maker than picture-taker at heart."