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Parallel Lines

Mauricio Morillas


36" x 30" panel. Ready to hang. 

"The idea came first and then I tried to use the materials I already had at the studio:  wires, bolts and aqua resin.  I got the idea by looking at how buildings are made.  There's a contrast but you need to get close to see that the polished metal wire is shining through the matte resin that has been poured over." - Mauricio Morillas

SKU: MM005

Year: 2019

Medium: Mixed Media with Resin and Wire and Metal Rings on Wood Panel

About Mauricio Morillas

"I am influenced both by the cultural richness of my hometown of Mexico City as well as the urban landscapes of New York City where I now create most of my art.  As a mixed media artist, I experiment with technique and use diverse materials such as wood, metal, acrylic, paper, glass and resin.  I focus on creating subtle textures and blurring the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional perspectives so that the viewer's eye sees something new at every level and on every inch of the piece. Working in mixed media is a constant learning experience, an exploration to discover how unlikely things will react to each other.  I build layers, transform and repurpose my materials, and create shadows and indentations until a composition is complete.  I want each piece to be a unique vision preserving detail and contrasts within an overall minimalist aesthetic."