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Sail Back to Me

S. Cora Aldo


11 x 14 (12 x 15.5 framed)


Oil on Canvas

Price : Regular price $725.00


(2014) Oil on Canvas

SKU: SA 073 | 11 x 14 (12 x 15.5 framed)

Professionally framed in a silver-hued detail floater frame.

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S. C. Aldo graduated from Southern Connecticut University in New Haven, Connecticut with a BS in Art Education. After graduation she traveled extensively throughout the United Stated and to parts of South America. In 2007 she received a Masters in Art from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. Aldo has been creating paintings for over 30 years along with being an entrepreneur. 

"My paintings are inspired by the complexity of light and hues of the ocean or landscape. I paint to evoke strong moods, from tranquility to hopefulness. The scenes can be emotive for the viewer with strong contrasts between pessimistic shadows and positive luminescence. I like how these forces of nature play against one another and remind us how we really have little control in our everyday lives". 

Her paintings are in private collections throughout the world.