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Shades of Teal

Ellie Winberg


60" x 48" canvas with clean sides. Ready to hang. 

"This piece is like a forest or landscape of fields when looked down from a plane.  You can see different patterns made by the different layers that are on top of each other, but it is really about being quiet." - Ellie Winberg

SKU: EW002

Year: 2019

Medium: Handmade Paper with Pigment on Canvas

About Ellie Winberg

Ellie Winberg pushes the boundary of handmade papermaking to create rich, textural artwork that follows a minimalist aesthetic. She explores the range of possibilities that paper offers as art, often incorporating metal, plexiglas and glazes into her compositions. Her work challenges the traditional notions of handmade paper, using a process of layering to achieve nuance and depth.

Beating, mixing and pouring paper pulp requires harnessing a flow of energy and transforming buckets of wet pulp into deliberate designs. The end result is not to create paper, but to create shapes, curves and textures as an abstract art form that is both visually magnetic and alluring.  The resulting textures lead to interesting contrasts of smooth, rough, shiny and matt while at the same time, following a minimalist composition that allows the viewer to imagine their own associations. 

Born in Michigan, Winberg has lived in California and The Netherlands before moving to New York where she now lives and maintains at art studio in Brooklyn.  Having studied Economics which led to a former career in banking, she discovered papermaking while taking a course at Pratt Institute and instantly knew that was her passion.