A Day in the Life: Art Advising from Concept to Construct news

A Day in the Life: Art Advising from Concept to Construct

What does working with an Art Advisor entail? If you’re interested in beginning or augmenting your art collection, there’s nothing better than consulting with our team at Sorelle Gallery! We do our best to make buying art an enjoyable experience for everyone, and to make the process of collecting art accessible for all. Keep reading to see Sorelle Gallery’s approach, and how easy and fun it is to grow your own art collection with the help of our Art Advisory team!

Check Out a Project from Its Digital Render to Installation

ABOVE: After an initial in-gallery art consultation, the client sent us an image of the space, where we digitally imposed their artwork pick: “Elementum Series” by Roger Mudre, onto the photo of their living room.

Digital imposing services are an absolute must for projects in this day and age. With a picture of the space and the dimensions of the sofa, the Sorelle team was able to place Mudre’s “Elementum Series” onto the client’s wall before bringing the work to their home for an art consultation. The digital render was such a successful tool for visualizing the work in the space, the clients purchased the series after falling in love with the installation concept.

Digital renders are helpful, but sometimes new decisions are made once the artwork is onsite. The Sorelle Art Advisors, interior designer, Gina Eastman Design, and client felt the golden nuances of the darker brown “Terra” piece of the four aptly named Elementum series (Terra, Aqua, Aeris, Ignis), would be better observed closer to the grand window. Enlisting the aid of Marc Fattahi of New Canaan Frame & Art Gallery, the installation was underway!

The Completed Installation

How To Get a Project Started

Find Something You Like Online?

Often times, Clients will browse Sorelle’s website and will find themselves drawn to a particular artist or piece – seeing the artwork on our site is a great first step! We make viewing our online inventory as informative as possible by providing detail shots of the work, “staged” images, and the occasional video. Our Art Advisors work with clients around the world on multiple online selling platforms. Staged images are the best way (aside from bringing the art to the home itself) to get a feel of how the artwork would look installed in one’s home. Take advantage of Free Shipping when you purchase online at sorellegallery.com.

Try Our Personalized Digital Imposing Services.

There are many cases in which artwork is purchased before it’s seen onsite by the collector. What actually is a digital render? All we need is a photo of the space a client or designer is considering for a work of art, along with dimensions of the wall or the closest reference item (ex. “the sofa is 72” long).

ABOVE: Another example of how a digital render lead to a purchase and installation of “Rampion” by Roger Mudre.

Are You Local? Schedule a Complimentary Art Consultation.

Being able to see artwork in person is unbeatable! While we photograph as accurately as possible to maintain the integrity and vibrancy of the original artwork, there’s no way to avoid art looking slightly different online; color varies from screen to screen. If a piece is textural, or changes color under shifting light, it’s more impactful and impressive to see in person. If you like it online, you’re bound to love it in person!

There are occasions when a client will see a specific work in their home and it looks as though it has been made for the space itself, as though it’s a privately commissioned work of art. The saying “Art can transform a room” exists for a reason. The Sorelle team provides complimentary art delivery in Fairfield and Westchester Counties, because whether or not a piece of art is purchased from us, the art conversation has begun!

Live with the Art on Approval.

Art can change it's look depending on the time of day, and there are certain artworks that go through complete transformations based on the light. Another helpful service we provide comes in the form of “Art on Approval”, meaning we’ll let a client live with the artwork for a few days — it’s able to be seen in different lighting and by everyone who comes through the home. If client doesn’t love the piece after a few days the team will return to pick up the work at the earliest convenience, and will consider other artwork options based on the client’s comments.

Complimentary Installation for Local Clients (Westchester/ Fairfield Counties).

Sorelle Gallery performs most Sorelle-purchased art installations as a complimentary service. We are always outfitted with a tool-bag, ladder, and level in tow to hang the purchased piece.

Want to get moving on your new or growing art collection? Don’t know exactly what it is you’re looking for? Take our quiz! It’s a helpful tool that goes by color, artistic style, decor, size and more to help give an Art Advisor an idea of what it is you’re drawn to as a collector.