The Story of Sorelle

"Sorelle Gallery was born in Saratoga Springs, New York in 2008. Deciding on a name, I asked my Italian mother and her first thought was “Strega! Because we have good magic.” When I explained this name might scare people away (’strega’ is Italian for ’witch’), she rolled her eyes and threw up her hands. “How about girlfriends or sisters?” I asked. And she said, smiling, “Ah, for sister Sorella and for more than one Sorelle.” Thus, Sorelle Gallery Fine Art was born. A woman owned and operated business; a working group of ‘sisters’." — Sandra Pelletier, Principal


Meet Sandra Pelletier, Principal

After receiving degrees in art (my first passion), I worked different jobs that led me to a career at a company as the only woman in a technology field. While working in tech (my second passion), I researched and opened a commercial framing and gallery business that I sold 10 years later. In 2008, motivated by my love for fine art and technology, I opened Sorelle Gallery; a tech-forward gallery committed to client service, fine art education, and collection diversity. Managed by a team of women that worked hard, but had fun working. A place where artists learn and build their own business through our gallery exposure and marketing. — S.P.

What Makes Sorelle, Sorelle

Follow your he(art). Great art is an investment and commitment. Sorelle’s goal is to offer the best art advisory service for any client desiring stunning, enduring artwork. Invest confidently. Buy what you love.

NYC quality art and gallery setting with approachable, top-notch, tailored service. Through our friendly demeanor, art-on-approval, and digital imposing, the art selection process is both informative and fun.

Diverse art representation and experience - a beautiful blend of representational and abstract art that hangs well together. Our staff has over 50 years combined experience serving both residential and corporate clients.

Hands-on. We do 90% of local and show installations ourselves. And when we can’t, we’re there to supervise the professionals on behalf of the client. We also facilitate framing and lighting through our vendor connections. We roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

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