Our Story

In 2008, motivated by my love of both fine art and technology, I opened Sorelle Gallery, a tech-forward gallery committed to client service, fine art education, and collection diversity. In deciding on a name, I asked my Italian mother for help and she said, “Strega! Because we have good magic.” When I explained this name might scare people away (’strega’ is Italian for ’witch’), she rolled her eyes and threw up her hands. “How about ‘sisters?’” I asked. She said, smiling, “Ah, for sister, ‘Sorella’ and for more than one, ‘Sorelle.’”

So Sorelle Gallery was born - a woman owned business, managed by a team of women that worked hard, but had fun working. A place that supports artists in building their own brands, and helps clients to curate their own spaces so they feel good wherever they are, invest confidently, and buy what they love.

- Sandy Pelletier