Sorelle Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, A Million Possibilities, featuring all new artwork by local Connecticut artist Sofie Swann. The exhibition will open on September 29, 2023 at Sorelle Gallery in downtown Westport, CT with a reception to be held the following day on Saturday, September 30th from 3:00 - 5:00pm. Light refreshments will be available.

Born in Iran, Swann’s newest abstract paintings feature cool, neutral palettes and her characteristic organic shapes, assembled in a repetitive fashion. Her work is centered around her own emotional response to experiences and memories, particularly in the context of her struggle to find a place to call home after being forced to leave Iran and immigrate to the United States - ultimately landing, and building a life in Connecticut.

"In my paintings, patterns take on a profound role as a language that narrates stories, emotions, and hidden narratives," Swann says. "Each stroke, each repetition, serves as a character in the tale I seek to convey. These patterns are not arbitrary; they are carefully crafted to evoke feelings, memories, and experiences. They become the words, the sentences, and the paragraphs of my visual storytelling. The way colors merge and lines intersect, the rhythm and flow they create, all work together to communicate a narrative that goes beyond the surface. It's in these patterns that I find the voice to express the complexities of life, the beauty of diversity, or the harmony of nature. So while the forms and visual elements in my work may have evolved and shifted over time, the core creative process remains the same."

“I hide my trademark ‘house’ somewhere in each painting—that’s my signature," Swann continues. "Finding a place that feels like home is very important to me because I lost that at such a young age."

"Often we see abstract artwork that aims to be either visually decorative or conceptual,” says Sorelle Gallery Owner, Sandy Pelletier. “And while Sofie’s paintings are beautiful and balanced, they are also symbolic, infused with intention and genuine thoughtfulness. This is something that resonates deeply for people, I think, and I am thrilled to share that with our clients and the region as a whole.”

A Million Possibilities will showcase all new abstract paintings and 3-dimensional painted cube sculptures by Sofie Swann, and will be on view at Sorelle Gallery’s Westport, CT location at 19 Church Lane through October 15th. The show and associated opening reception are free and open to the public. Street parking is available.

Sofie Swann is an American artist, born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Displaced at a young age due to political upheaval, her abstract paintings reflect a chaotic yet structured world mirroring inner feelings of dislocation and disconnect in her journey to find a place called home.

Her sources of inspiration are memory and the subconscious, drawn from her childhood all the way to her adult life experiences living for many years in Boston, Massachusetts, then Paris, France before finally settling in Connecticut. 
Swann graduated from Smith College, holds a law degree, and studied art at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.

To learn more about Sofie Swann, read our Inside the Studio interview with her on the blog, and explore all original fine art paintings and limited edition prints by the artist in her Artist Collection


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