Whether in a corner office, a cubicle, or from home, the benefits of artwork in the space where you work are undeniable. It is widely understood that creating and engaging with artwork can have a positive impact on our mental health, improving mood and quality of life. Placing artwork in your workspace, in turn, allows us to reap those benefits where we most often need to feel positive and creative. On a larger scale, art in the workplace can help businesses to convey their brand values, enhance morale and well-being for their employees, which can ultimately lead to stability or even growth (for everyone involved). 

Workplaces are often a primary source of stress or exhaustion. Enter: artwork. According to Work Design Magazine, one in four American workers report feeling chronically angry, which can have extremely negative effects on performance and personal relationships, and lead to health issues. Studies show that environments with artwork help employees feel more creative, productive, and less frustrated, resulting in better personal interactions and by extension, natural collaboration. According to one study, for example, employees who worked in a space with art and plants for one hour were reported to work 15% quicker and were 32% more productive. It could also be argued that a curated space is an organized space, which can help workers feel more prepared or capable. This is particularly important in home offices where lines between professional and personal lives can be blurred and more difficult to keep separate.

A business’ interior design is extremely important for employees on a granular level, but also on the whole for communicating its culture and brand. At a time when mental health is at the forefront of the conversation of well-being and flexible workspaces are evolving at a rapid pace, companies are increasingly aware of the the importance of corporate values and the role that space plays. Artwork is an integral part of a well-designed space, and statement pieces are ideal (and an often cost-effective option) for fueling a happier environment. When it comes to visitors (potential clients), companies can convey their standards and values through visuals, which can help businesses thrive. Plus, a company that cares about its space sends the message that it cares about its people. 

So, this begs the question: how do you start selecting pieces for a workspace? Artwork comes in all shapes and sizes, so the possibilities are endless. When thinking about subject, realistic nature scenes help restore energy, while scenes of places to which the viewer feels a connection can create a positive emotional response. Objects like sculptures tend to hold high emotional value, and can serve as conversation starters or communal areas. Color should also be taken into consideration, as blue can aid in concentration while yellow is stimulating and energetic.

Regardless of the type or size of the workspace, artwork can help a business and its employees feel and work better on a daily basis. Sorelle offers an Art Advisory service that provides delivery and art-on-approval to local homes and businesses, or provides digital rendering for non-local clients. For more information on how Sorelle can assist you in finding artwork for your workspace, contact us here!


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