Beginning Saturday, June 12, 2021, artist Elwood Howell's body of abstract landscapes will be featured on display at Sorelle in a new exhibition titled, Rooted in Color. Howell's unique imaginary scenes capture the quiet peacefulness of the unadulterated landscape, with a relatively high horizon line as a primary feature of his work. 

The day that the exhibition opens on June 12th, Elwood Howell will be at the gallery for a Meet & Greet from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. Elwood will be available to speak with visitors and discuss his work and career as an artist. 

"The greater body of my work is primary landscapes and seascapes of an imaginary nature created in the studio," Elwood says. "Most works have a horizon line as a focal point to lure ones eye into the simple composition. The large area below the horizon down to the base of the canvas gives the viewer's eye freedom to roam the surface. This space gives the painting life much as soil nourishes the very roots of a tree. The imagery at the horizon gives a focal point and the expanse above serves as atmosphere to set the mood. This has been a format I have used for over forty years and it still intrigues me."

During the Meet & Greet, a sample of wines from Scout & Cellar will be available for tasting. No RSVP required. We hope to see you there!

Rooted in Color will be on display until Thursday, July 1st. 

To see all of Elwood Howell's artwork, including original paintings and prints, visit his artist page


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