February's Curator's Choice is an abstract, stainless steel sculpture by Joe Sorge titled Sailing Off. Measuring 31" x 23" x 11", the piece is composed of three curved strips of silver metal joined together, seamlessly reaching upward and achieving balance at the same time. Read on to learn more about this sculpture, and why we chose Sailing Off for our Curator's Choice. 

What It's About

Joe Sorge often begins his creative process with the materials first, which which serve as a starting point for his sculptures to take shape and propel the process forward. In this case, the metal pieces he acquired were somewhat shaped already, which he then cleaned, rolled, and assembled, allowing the pieces to inform him of the best design as he worked. The natural curvature and movement of the finished piece has a nautical element that the viewer can easily tie to the title, a small structure "sailing off."

Where It Works

Joe's sculptures are designed such that, despite varying colors and sizes, they all create intriguing, almost whimsical positive and negative space. The result are equally whimsical shadows, cast by the forms in changing light. Sailing Off is 31" high, and large enough to act as a modest focal point in a room. We love it in a particularly sunny spot, where the sculpture can fully interact with its environment and add ever-changing visual appeal. 

Why We Love It

Joe Sorge's Sailing Off is a perfect combination of movement and balance. We love the the way in which the stainless steel pieces curve effortlessly in every direction, joining together and reaching out at the same time. The form is reminiscent of a sailboat sail puffed out in the wind, or, we'd like to suggest, even a dancer moving gracefully in place. Most of all, we love that Sailing Off invites the viewer, in the most elevated, sophisticated way, to engage with their own imagination. 

See Sailing Off and more artwork by Joe Sorge on his Artist Page. 


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