We are thrilled to announce that we've added six new options to our selection of frames which can be added to any of our paper prints! Now can choose from a range of clean black and white, to modern and traditional metallics, to natural and painted wood. Scroll to read more about the frame types and what we love about them. 

Frame Options

Irvine White: This minimalistic white frame has a smooth, contemporary look. It's an artist favorite and adds a clean finish to artwork. Pair it with just about anything, but especially very brightly colored artwork that is enhanced by a minimalist frame. 

Mercer Black: Similar to the Irvine, the Mercer is it's sleek, darker counterpart. Pair this frame with art that has dark hues, or break up the space around your white mat by giving it black border. With a face is 3/4" wide and 1 1/8" deep, it is thin enough not to overpower artwork.

Marin Natural Wood: The Marin frame is a mid-toned natural wood frame, sometimes referred to as "blonde." It has a similar build to the Irvine and Mercer, but is slightly deeper and has the added character that comes with a lightly-visible woodgrain. This frame is perfect in warm and earth-toned rooms, and same goes for the art with which it's paired. 

Beverly Silver: The Beverly is a silver frame with dark (near black), distressed sides. It retains a contemporary quality while the metallic silver elevates it. It measures 3/4" wide and 1 1/2" deep. 

Buckhead Silver: Like the Beverly, this frame is metallic silver but with a more traditional and ornate detail like antiqued beading along the inner-most interior. We love it on soft seascapes and landscapes that feature a lot of blue hues. 

Olympia Gold: The Olympia is a warm gold counterpart to the Beverly. It has more of a modern box shape, a warm gold face, and distressed dark sides. Perfect with art or in a room that features reds, yellows, oranges, or neutral colors. 

Georgetown Gold: For the gold frame lover that wants a more traditional vibe, there's the Georgetown. This frame is warm, with more decorative elements like antiqued fluting. 

Montauk White: This wide frame is a distressed white, meaning that a natural wood is lightly visible where the paint has been intentionally stripped back. The result is a wide-faced frame that's has a casual, boho, or coastal look. We love to see it paired with funky landscapes, coastal abstracts, and florals. 

Monterey White: The Monterey frame is a whitewashed wood gallery frame. It differs from the other frames in that, although it is wood (like the Montauk), it is coated in white and the texture of the woodgrain shows through. We love this frame because the super light texture and almost off-white color softens the overall look of the frame. 

    Of course, if you decide to add a frame to your print order, you can also choose whether to have it matted! Any now, mats can be added at no additional charge. Learn more about print options here, or start shopping open edition and limited edition prints right away!

    (From left to right: Cool - Print in the Olympia, Penthouse - Print in the Montauk, and Streambed II - Print in the Monterey.)


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