We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest artist, Sue De Chiara. Based in New Canaan, Connecticut, Sue's artwork features loose, abstract compositions and light white, cream, blue, and grey palettes. Typically painting on panel or canvas, her work captures an airy and expressive aesthetic, taking subtle inspiration from geometry, while retaining an organic energy overall. 

"Growing up in an artistic family, I’ve always been attracted to creative pursuits," De Chiara says. "I find inspiration in various aspects of life - from nature and the human body to spirituality and meditation. Abstraction, with its freedom of expression, its mysterious and unpredictable elements, is my favorite mode.

"My paintings start with a particular idea and the process itself takes over, leading me to unknown destinations. Although my paintings are highly abstract, they always contain a narrative, a story to be interpreted by the viewer.

"Graceful and soft handling of the paint is continually reinforced by a barely visible, yet strong structural element. This dichotomy of softness with a solid structural foundation creates a unique visual expression, at once subtle and powerful. The colors I choose are often inspired by the changing seasons of coastal New England."

"I am delighted to welcome Sue as our newest artist at Sorelle," says Owner, Sandy Pelletier. "Her work is light and contemporary, but also a clear exploration - of medium, of composition, of feeling."

You can see Sue's collection of artwork here, including our featured painting, Into the Light. Questions? Contact us



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