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Kelly Rossetti


36" x 72" original artwork. 

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About Kelly Rossetti

Kelly Rossetti is a contemporary abstract and figurative painter based in Westport, Connecticut. While primarily self-taught, she studied classical oil painting at a small Atelier in New York City, to which she credits the development of her foundation and love of the figure. Kelly works in both acrylic and oil paint, and often utilizes an array of mixed media to achieve depth, texture and marks.  

"Whether it be loose and expressive figurative drawings or expressive paintings, I strive to capture an emotion that is evoked by viewing the work," Kelly says of her work. "My non-objective abstract work nearly always begins with play. Loose mark making that injects a sense of life force energy into the painting.  My emphasis on line and layering is done using multiple mediums and tools to give a variety of marks and shapes to respond to.  Discovering small hints of what lies beneath the surface plays a critical role in the overall composition and plays a vital role in my work.

A career in the fashion industry has also influenced my aesthetic approach.  As an executive in sales and merchandising, I worked side by side with design to forecast fashion and analyze color and color trends. This exposure and training of continuously evaluating color combinations and coordinating entire collections has directed my color choices and has helped to fine-tune my sense of color."

See inside Kelly Rossetti's studio and learn about her creative process here.