Alma Ramirez

About Alma Ramirez

Artist Statement

"From my studio in St. Augustine, Florida, I recite the poetry of naturesounds of the ocean, smells in the air, dappled light on the water, colors warmed by the sunpainting arrangements of tones and shapes that speak of emotions, beauty, and peace.

"Inspiration for my style came from an unlikely conspiracy between nature and technology when I accidentally fumbled my camera into the water while capturing a panorama. I was disheartened, but the images on my card were wonderfully broken and distorted, showing me the landscape from a different perspective that deeply resonated with me as an artist and storyteller. Over the years, I have honed and further developed this new way of seeing.

"Studying the harmony of colors and light, I layer acrylic paint onto canvas or wood panel, articulating the feelings and mood transmitted by a scene. Through this vision, I share my artistic journey and love of nature with the world."