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Queen Altostratus

Jon Puzzuoli


12" x 5.5" ceramic vessel.

Crystalline glazes are special ceramic glazes in which zinc-silicate crystals grow inside the glaze while it is still very hot. The crystals begin as microscopic seeds in the glaze, which form in random numbers and locations. When the kiln is cooled to the proper temperature, crystals start to grow. 
In order for crystals to grow, the glaze must be very fluid. Much of the glaze runs off the vessel during the firing into a catch basin and pedestal that are specially made for each piece. After the firing, the piece is carefully separated from the pedestal with a hammer and chisel and the base is ground smooth.

SKU: JP044

Year: 2022

Medium: Glazed Porcelain

About Jon Puzzuoli

Jon Puzzuoli is a full time ceramicist of 16 years.  His life is absorbed in clay, both creating and teaching.  Jon’s passion emanates from educating others in the art of pottery.  Jon is Head of the Ceramics Department at Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan and Co-Chair of it’s almost 300 Guild Artists. Developing unique glazes and growing crystals on the surface of his wares are a particular focus. 

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