Pete Sack

About Pete Sack

Pete Sack is a Raleigh-based artist. He got his start drawing sports figures at an early age. Depictions of baseball players later gave way to other figural work. When he discovered that his creative endeavors were more than just a hobby, he left his home in Seattle to attend East Carolina University where he received a BFA in Painting in 1998. It was during his time at ECU that Pete began experimenting with ways to join his two favorite media - watercolor and oil paint.

Pete’s current work comprises both abstract and figurative pieces. Each allows for a different expression of himself. His abstracts are about flow, both mechanically and emotionally. He uses masonry tools to drag paint in methodical ways that create visually appealing palettes and patterns. His figurative and portrait work still rely on the fine detailing skills he developed in his youth but also contain new depth as they combine multiple faces and abstraction, giving the work a richer, more complex feel.

"While my abstract work continues to evolve, I am consistently drawn to an expressionism style with a heavy focus on color field painting, layering and modern shapes," Pete says. "I use color relationships to create depth on canvas. This allows me to infuse moods and emotions into my work. Each new series I develop is a focused reaction to a personal experience in my life."