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Nealy Hauschildt


13.5" x 11" original artwork. 

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Notes from the Artist

About Nealy Hauschildt

Nealy Hauschildt is a Brooklyn based artist. She obtained her BFA from the University of Michigan, during which time she spent four months studying at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, CZ. Her work has been featured in Thought Art Magazine and CandyFloss Magazine, and has been included in shows and private collections across the country.

"Color plays an enormous role in my work and in how I experience the world. My paintings are a combination of what exists in nature and how I experience my environment. I aim to capture the soul of the landscape through minimalistic, emotive color planes. Just as planned as it is exploratory, my process includes layering transparent washes and allowing room for the paint to evolve on page. I hope for my work to provide a moment of reflection and inspire sight; to reconnect us with land, sea, and sky and ignite an emotional response to color."