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Day at Sea

Laura Browning


30" x 40" original artwork.

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About Laura Browning


Laura received her BFA from California State University Long Beach. She taught workshops at the Los Angeles Museum of Art and interned at the Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. Laura's work has been collected around the world, and is represented by several galleries and retailers across the United States.

Laura paints using environmentally friendly oils and solvents from her home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She lives with her husband and young son in their beloved Eichler home - a “glass house” which invites the outside in and provides endless inspiration.  

Artist Statement

“My paintings are inspired by the rhythm and movement of light reflections in water. With each piece, I strive to capture the feeling of being in or near water through many layers of transparent oil glazes. I’m fascinated by the luminous color interactions created by currents and waves as light dances between them.  It continues to be a wonderful challenge to explore ways to capture this movement on a canvas, to represent the depth and life of an ever moving landscape. 

"Each piece is directly inspired by a particular experience and is for me a vivid memory of the moment of inspiration, typically an idyllic sunny summer day. I feel the most alive when exploring new places, and as a result, my work is a direct reflection of the moments when life is at it’s best. 

"Creating these water paintings is very meditative. I get lost in the process, just as I get lost watching light interact with water.“