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Talisman Black Enamel Necklace



The Talisman is known all over the world, spanning many cultures and religions, as a symbol to protect against the evil eye and bring you luck and good fortune.

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THATCH Founder Lisa Garrison opened her first clothing boutique in Arkansas in 2005. After 10 years in the retail industry, she saw an opportunity to fill the void that she experienced in the jewelry world - a fine jewelry feel with a softer price. As a west coast store location was being opened in San Diego, California in 2014, she found her inspiration to create the THATCH brand. She acquired a sunny design studio in the heart of Liberty Station: a thriving art, food x shopping destination in Southern California. Keeping all aspects of the business in-house, she assembled the small but mighty all-female team that has since grown into a global brand of quality luxe jewelry complete with sustainable x reusable packaging.

The mission of THATCH stems from the belief that luxury should be attainable and jewelry should be handmade with care for everyday wear. As designers and creators, the team at THATCH considers what modern life looks like and how to adorn it with a special touch. The connection you feel to your jewelry should be a meaningful one. It speaks to who you are and what you love. The brand launched on this philosophy with the Constellation Collection. Whether you’re a down-to-earth Virgo or a fiery Leo, the stars tell your story and represent who you are at your core. Inspired by modern lines, art x the stars in the night sky.

Each piece is handmade with love, to be loved.