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Watchful Guardian

Tori Gagne


Limited edition photograph.

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About Tori Gagne

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tori Gagne earned a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Her love of photography began in grade school working with a pinhole camera and developing film in the darkroom in her family home. She was deeply influenced by her mother and brother who were both professional photographers.

Tori has a retired off the track thoroughbred, who has led her deeper in to the magical world of horses, and inspiring her to devote much of her work to photographing equine subjects. She has a special affinity for wild horse photography and is happiest on a dirt road in the western states seeking herds of wild horses to photograph, and advocating for them through her work.

For Tori, there is something very special and spiritual in standing in the high desert in complete silence, experiencing the vast U.S. Western lands where wild horses roam. Her journeys to photograph horses in the wild or sanctuaries, and travel to international locations, has given her ample opportunity to photograph incredible landscapes and waterscapes. In addition to her equine work, Tori creates expressive images of the natural world that reveal the essence and emotion of being immersed in these environments.

Tori has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She has received international awards for her photography, which is in private collections globally. She currently resides in her hometown of Orono, MN. 10% of proceeds from selling her equine work is donated to organizations involved in the protection of wild horses and the necessary education regarding the plight of the wild horse population in the western United States.