We know we've said it a thousand times but we feel it bears repeating: art is personal. So at Sorelle, we feel the art buying process should be personal, too. That's why we've crafted an Art Advisory service, so that Sorelle's team of Art Advisors cover questions like size, style, color, and more, and assist clients from the start before taking the plunge. If you're new to all this art stuff, or just new to Sorelle, we're breaking down just what goes in to our Art Advisory service and how it can help just about anyone looking for art. 

What's the process like?

Any client has the opportunity to work with one of our trained Art Advisors. While some clients know exactly which pieces speak to them, others need more time. Our Art Advisors will help clients to identify and narrow down which pieces they love and work best for the space they're looking to fill.

From there, the process will depend on the client's location and budget. We show the client what the art looks like in their home, but how we do that will depend on their location and whether they are interested in original art or fine art prints. Once a selection has been made, the client is sent an invoice and we'll arrange shipment or pickup, depending on the situation. 

Comparison of digital rendering of art next to installed piece.

How do I see art I like in my own space before I buy?

If you're located in New York City, Westchester or Fairfield Counties, we can arrange for pick up or delivery of the art to your space. This allows our clients to live with the art for up to three days before making a decision on whether they intend to purchase. 

If clients are located outside those areas, we welcome them to send photos of the spaces they're looking to fill, and our Art Advisors can digitally superimpose artwork to relative scale. This can be done several times with different pieces for a close comparison. Once the client has seen all the options in their own space, they can make an informed decision and buy art that they love. 

How does it work with prints?

While most of our inventory of original artwork is available in our gallery in Westport, CT, our fine art prints are custom printed on an individual basis. Therefore, the digital staging option (which can be customized with size and frame specifications) is available for those clients who are interested in prints. You can learn more about the customization options when ordering our fine art prints on our Prints Explained page. Our Art Advisors also walk through the different options and advise in whatever way you may need. 

Does it cost any money to work with an Art Advisor?

Our Art Advisory service is entirely complimentary, with the exception of certain fees that may apply in the case of art delivery when taking physical art on approval. Generally, any delivery fees incurred will count toward your purchase should you decide to keep the artwork. Our Art Advisors will notify you of this beforehand in all cases. 

What if I have original artwork out on approval and I decide not to purchase?

That is completely fine! Within three days of having the artwork out on approval, Art Advisor's must be notified whether the client intends to keep the artwork. If it doesn't work in your space, the client must return the artwork or we will coordinate it's pick up using a courier service. Any delivery fees incurred will be discussed then. 

Is there a minimum purchase amount in order to utilize the Art Advisory service? 

There is no minimum. Our goal at Sorelle is to help clients find art they love to fill any space, on any budget. While we have original artwork available at a higher price point, we also have high quality fine art prints that start at $30. Our Art Advisors can help with those, too!

How do I get started?

To get started, visit our Art Advisory page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our team will out to you within one business day to start the advisory process. And then ta-da! New art for you. Happiness for us. 

More questions? No problem! Feel free to reach out to us at info@sorellegallery.com, and make sure to check out all of our art online so you can let your Art Advisor know what you like (or don't like) when you begin working with them. You can also look through our Portfolio to see a few spaces with which our Art Advisors have assisted. 


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