We are pleased to introduce our newest artist, sculptor Joe Sorge

Based in Connecticut, Joe Sorge studied at the School of Visual Art (SVA) in New York City. 

Joe's sculptures, which are made with stainless steel that he often dyes to add bold, solid color, express fluidity and tension inherent in the material. The work draws on modernist vocabulary and characteristics to create abstract, often whimsical objects. His sculptures' curved forms result in positive and negative spaces which cast shadow and light, so that the artwork ultimately interacts with, and impacts, its surrounding environment. 

Metal sculpture placed on a white pedestal in front of a white wall.

"We are thrilled to welcome Joe to Sorelle," says owner Sandy Pelletier. "His sculptures a perfect balance of eccentricity, modernity, and accessibility."

Joe most often works, and experiments with, materials such as steel, carved stone, genesa crystals, tiger eye alabaster and others, and incorporates repurposed materials, a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. 

To see all of Joe's work, visit his Artist Page


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