Last week, Sorelle opened our first artist feature exhibition of 2021. The show, titled Vibrant Earth, includes over 20 abstract landscape paintings of varying sizes by Colorado-based artist, Ken Elliott.

The subject throughout Ken Elliott's entire body of work is nature. While some of his paintings depict a broader, abstract view of a landscape, others show a close-up, impressionistic composition of forest tree trunks. All of his work is linked, though, by his dramatized use of color. This exaggeration enhances the light in a piece (shining through trees, for example), gives the viewer an absolute feeling of a particular season, or adds whimsicality, all of which help the viewer connect on a more fundamental level, the color and light evoking a dream-like sense of scenes we all know well. 

Of his work and signature use of color, Ken Elliott says, "My focus is the landscape and its rich store of ideas and inspiration. I am compelled to work from the trees, skies, lakes and streams in their endless variations. I don’t try to recreate nature (even Monet said he never got it right) or attempt storytelling. Instead, the works are simplifications and exaggerations of nature. There was a time when I felt the tyranny of the landscape. That is, I felt limited by making pictures of a place. Now, instead of making pictures, I am free to make paintings - art that comes from nature but is far more reliant on the strategies of making good art objects."

To see all of Ken Elliott's paintings online, visit his Artist page. And in case you missed it, last month we talked to Ken about his creative process, inspiration, and took a peek inside his studio! You can read our interview with Ken here

Vibrant Earth is on display in our main exhibition room at 11 Church Lane, located adjacent to Sorelle's main gallery through February 26. If you are unable to see the show in person, you can take a virtual walk through the space by watching our video below! 


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