You're invited to join us for our upcoming exhibition, Connected Layers, featuring abstract artists Julia Contacessi and Teodora Guererra. The exhibition will open on May 5, 2023, with an opening reception to be held at Sorelle Gallery the following day on Saturday, May 6th from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Light refreshments will be available. To see all artwork by the featured artists together, explore the Show collection here.  

Contacessi and Guererra similarly have styles rooted in layering techniques, experimenting with new applications and media to evolve the dimensionality they bring to each painting. What's more, Contacessi and Guererra are connected in more ways than just their dedication or approach to abstract painting. They are biological cousins - and have shown their work together previously on several occasions.

Blush Lucite by Julia Contacessi (left) hangs next to Adrift I by Teodora Guererra (right).

"Julia Contacessi and Teodora Guererra have been with us since Sorelle launched in 2009," says Owner, Sandy Pelletier. "While they've each evolved in their own directions, you can see that their work originates from a similar mindset, with the same desire to capture something new, innovative, or explorative on canvas. They both dabble in areas like texture, metallics, or wash techniques, but ultimately land in simplicity. I am thrilled to showcase Julia and Teo together, who are so alike and so different at the same time - so connected in their approach to their individual creative journeys."

The Connected Layers exhibition will showcase new original paintings by each artist, and will be on view at Sorelle’s Westport, CT location through May 27th. The show and associated opening reception are free and open to the public. Street parking is available. 

Featured artist Julia Contacessi in her Connecticut-based studio.

About Julia Contacessi

In 2000, Julia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in New York City. Over the years, her eye for composition coupled with her love of painting, design and photography has earned Julia numerous awards in such publications as Photographer’s Forum and Creativity along with inclusion into the Yale Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library Special Collections(ALSC) in New Haven, CT.

Julia never strayed far from texture, paint and the mixing and layering of mediums, which are important components to Julia’s work. In fact, Julia’s most recent abstracts focus on deconstructing painted color palette studies through isolated images, and then rebuilding those studies with new form and composition.

“When you layer on the paint just right, so that it dances across a wash of another color, a new level of dimension is created. Combine that dimension with the exploration of color and I’ve just begun to capture something meaningful. My style is single-minded and focused on the simplicity of beauty in the moment. My goal is to drown out the noise and clutter to find a sense of calm through light. The end result is clean, fresh and modern.”

About Teodora Guererra

Teodora Guererra’s abstract artistic vision is influenced by her travels throughout the United States and abroad. While living in Arizona, she became inspired by the naturally radiant landscape and arid climate, which led her to experiment with rich under-painting and vivid colors. Later, the shifting seasons of the East Coast prompted her pursuance of dripping and textural techniques. Throughout her career, Guererra’s consistent focus has been to push the limits through experimentation with new materials. She is influenced by Pat Steir, Joan Mitchell, Larry Poons, Helen Frankenthaler, and Morris Louis to name a few.

Guererra received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in art from Southern Connecticut University, The College of Saint Rose, and Skidmore College. Her paintings can be found in public and private collections across the U.S., including the Allmen Health and Wellness Center for Women in New York, SUNY Brockport, and William & Sonoma in San Francisco.

“I’m a big risk taker, experimenting with different materials so my work can be a series of continuous failures until I figure things out,” Guererra says. “I’ve explored different directions in my work over the years, but I think you can see the work of my hands or one signature throughout.

“Some of my work achieves a sense of fluid movement with saturated color, while my newer collection is so textured, it is like frostingI may start out with a plan, but the painting may ultimately decide the direction it will go. My most successful work should be complex yet minimal, and look like it was easy, or just happened.”

Find artwork by Julia Contacessi in her Artist Collection, explore work by Teodora Guererra here, or shop the show. For questions about the exhibition or to inquire about work by either artist, please contact us


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