Our Curator's Choice this July is a glazed porcelain sculpture titled Queen Alice by Connecticut-based ceramicist, Jon Puzzuoli. The vessel, although 9" tall, makes a big impact - from the perfectly rounded shape to the uniquely blended palette and smooth glaze. Read on to learn why we selected Queen Alice as our Curator's Choice, and see the artist in action. 

What It's About

Queen Alice is a perfect synthesis of concept and aesthetic, bringing memory to life in a 3-dimensional form. "As a boy," Jon says, "I remember canoeing by a small waterfall with an older friend named Alice. This sculpture captures a piece of that memory; the lustrous summer light and the water just as it leaves the edge of the rock."

Where It Works

This modestly-sized ceramic vessel measures 9" x 8" and is made with glazed porcelain and a 14k gold luster. With a cool palette and a touch of gold, this piece adds soothing color and balance to any room. But if we had our druthers, we'd place it on a console table in a zen entry way (we call that a "zentry way," *wink*), or elevate it further by pairing it with varying ceramic vessels on a mantle. 

Why We Love It

Queen Alice makes us feel as though we're looking at water in all its forms: the marbled green of a shallow sea, the ombre blue of the ocean, the white crystalline formations of ice, the reflective surface of a still pond. Topped off with a metallic gold accent, the artist only further reminds us that nature, and the creations it inspires, are nothing if not elegant. 

Jon Puzzuoli has been a full-time ceramicist for sixteen years. His life is absorbed in clay, whether creating with it or teaching about it. Jon is Head of the Ceramics Department at Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan and Co-Chair of it’s almost 300 Guild Artists. Developing unique glazes and growing crystals on the surface of his wares are a particular focus of his. 

Note: Since this blog was posted, Queen Alice has sold. Shop Jon's entire available collection on his Artist Page. For questions about his work, contact us

Plus: Watch a short video and see how Jon shapes his stunning vessels at the wheel!


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