This month's Curator's Choice was a significant selection for many reasons. Ziegfeld Follies by abstract multimedia artist, Alina B, is made with dichroic film on mirror. The effect of this unique combination in materials is a reflective, cotton candy-colored, ever-changing piece that not only allows for viewer interaction, but invites it. Read on to learn more about this artwork, and why it fits so well - not just in spaces, but in this moment in time. 

What It's About

Ziegfeld Follies, named after a 1945 musical comedy film, is about relationship and connection.

"I seek to find balance between the creative process and the present moment using color as a direct and indirect language," the artist, Alina B, says of this piece. "Color series paintings explore the dynamics between light, pigment, and the viewer. To achieve this, I work with mirrors as my canvas and a medium that allows for drastic shifts, effected by natural exposures, like light, the angle of a space, and the viewer themselves. Combining the reflective areas of a mirror with color that shifts as a result of movement creates a relationship between viewer and art. It asks the viewer to become part of the art, and connects the creation process with the present moment."

Where It Works

This mixed-media artwork measures 32" x 45", and is framed in a white frame. As a piece that is affected by the elements around it, this warmly colorful piece is ideal in a location where the viewer can interact with it - above a console table, or in a sitting area, for example. It can brighten dark walls, add color to neutral spaces, or match the vibrancy of a warm, bubbly room. The metallic gold accents give it an elegant feel - another reason for its versatility even with a bold palette. It can also hang vertically or horizontally, depending on the space. 

Why We Love It

Ziegfeld Follies is nothing if not unique. With colors that makes us think of candy and sunsets, and a medium that allows the piece to change with it's environment, it's a stunning addition to a room that reminds us there is always something new to discover. Particularly at a time when our daily lives feel at once stagnant and chaotic, and regular interaction is scarce, Ziegfeld Follies draws us in, forces us to reimagine a space and our place within it, and adds color to a moment in time that is, as the piece reinforces, temporary. 

Learn more about Alina B and shop Ziegfeld Follies on her Artist Page. Have questions about this piece? Contact us


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