For many of us, the idea of selecting artwork can feel daunting. It's worth it to note that if you have felt this way you're not alone, but we also want to take the opportunity to let you know that you may have a better handle on the great big art world than you think! To help put some of this into perspective, the Sorelle Team has compiled four cardinal rules to consider when you start buying art to make the process of purchasing artwork for your space enjoyable – and maybe even fun

1. Think About Color

Color matters. The colors in a room should complement one another but they don’t always need to match. A painting with splashes of orange will pop in a blue room. If that seems too bold, soft colors that blend can create a calming effect. Neutral palettes with creme or a greyscale scheme can create a classic aesthetic. The most important thing is to look for colors that you'll enjoy and that make you feel something; whether it's more creative, energized, relaxed; the list goes on! Just remember – your artwork is an investment, so show it off. Don’t let a painting get lost among a sea of other furnishings that overpower it.

2. Fill the Space

In general, people often shy away from large artwork but in our opinion, bigger is better. A good rule of thumb when it comes to paintings above a bed or sofa is to select pieces that are at least two-thirds of the width of that furniture. So - what if you love a smaller piece? We've been there too. You may also consider a gallery wall to fill the space, arranging a group of smaller works of varying sizes together.

3. Mix Styles

Don’t be afraid of things that don’t match one another. Modern art can make a big impact in a traditional room, and vice versa. The idea is to create visual interest. If you live in a traditional center hall colonial, don’t be afraid to hang a sleek abstract piece. Conversely, if your home has clean, spare lines, a lush, landscape can pair beautifully and add warmth to a space.

4. Choose What You Love

This is the most important criteria when choosing fine art. Art is a place for expression. Choose pieces that resonate with you, that bring you joy, or peace, or happiness, or all of the above! We always recommend learning about the artist and their work so that it becomes a more personal experience to buy (and live with) your new artwork.

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  • Grace Renee Gallery

    Your thoughtful guide on ‘Four Things to Consider When Selecting Art for Your Home’ is a fantastic resource for art enthusiasts. The tips and advice provided make the process of choosing art enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  • Henry Killingsworth

    I thought you made a good point when you mentioned that you should only purchase art that resonates with you. My wife and I are wanting to attend a local art auction next weekend. It seems like it would be a good idea for us to pay attention so that we can find some artwork that speaks to us.

  • Shammy Peterson

    It made me feel excited when you said that you could create visual interest when you consider modern art that can truly make an impact. This is something that I will share with my parents who are planning to shop for modern paintings this weekend. What they want is to have at least two modern paintings placed in their living room to give their space a sophisticated look.

  • Shammy Peterson

    It was helpful when you said that you could consider choosing paintings that are at least two-thirds of the width of a furniture piece. My plan is to shop for an acrylic painting that shows the beauty of New Mexico. Since I do not want the painting to be overpowered by other house decors, I will do your tips.

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