Sorelle Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Kaleidoscope, featuring all new artwork by Connecticut artists Kelly Rossetti and Alina B. The exhibition will open on July 7, 2023 at Sorelle Gallery in downtown Westport, CT with a reception to be held the following day on Saturday, July 8th from 3:00 - 5:00pm. Light refreshments will be available. 

This exhibition unveils not only new artwork by each artist, but for Rossetti, an entirely new series which has been a major directional shift for her as a creator. Her paintings have moved from the layering of loose and intuitive brush strokes to structured compositions, which explore more intentional mark-making, geometry, and color. Alina B uses mirror in place of traditional canvas, but her work plays on similar color palettes and themes, incorporating through reflection, for example, the geometric elements of the room in which it hangs. In preparation for this showcase, Alina provided Rossetti with a swatch of one of her mirrors - enabling Rossetti to draw from Alina's chosen medium, and allowing the two play off one another for a uniquely cohesive visual. 

"I wanted this series to be about the alchemy of being perfectly imperfect,” Rossetti says of her new series. “I have always been drawn to work that leaves a bit of mystery, a balance between something ‘pretty’ or beautiful alongside something that feels gritty and undone. I'm interested in remnants, and the feeling of excavating moments that happened earlier in the painting, so you will purposely see those under layers and marks.”

In reference to Alina's color series of mirror paintings, she says: "I seek to find balance between the creative process and the present moment using color as a direct and indirect language. These paintings explore the dynamics between light, pigment, and the viewer. To achieve this, I work with mirrors as my canvas and a medium that allows for drastic shifts, effected by natural exposures like light, the angle of a space, and the viewer themselves… It asks the viewer to become part of the art, and connects the creation process with the present moment."

"While our exhibitions at Sorelle often feature new artwork, it is not typical that we see artists collaborating so closely the way Kelly and Alina have in preparation for this show," says Sorelle Owner Sandy Pelletier. "The result is the curation of two bodies of work by very different artists, who have been visibly inspired by one another. To me, the Kaleidoscope exhibition feels so appropriate at Sorelle, which was named after the Italian word for 'sisters.' This show is a collaboration between women; It's feminine and impactful."

Kaleidoscope will be on view at Sorelle Gallery’s Westport, CT location through July 29th. The show and associated opening reception are free and open to the public. Street parking is available. 

About Kelly Rossetti

Kelly Rossetti is a contemporary abstract and figurative painter based in Westport, Connecticut. While primarily self-taught, she studied classical oil painting at a small Atelier in New York City, to which she credits the development of her foundation and love of the figure. Kelly works in both acrylic and oil paint, and often utilizes an array of mixed media to achieve depth, texture and marks. 

Artist Kelly Rossetti uses a swatch provided by Alina B in her Connecticut studio as she paints new works in preparation for the exhibition, Kaleidescope. 

"Whether it be loose and expressive figurative drawings or expressive paintings, I strive to capture an emotion that is evoked by viewing the work," Kelly says of her work. "My non-objective abstract work nearly always begins with play. Loose mark making that injects a sense of life force energy into the painting.  My emphasis on line and layering is done using multiple mediums and tools to give a variety of marks and shapes to respond to.  Discovering small hints of what lies beneath the surface plays a critical role in the overall composition and plays a vital role in my work.

"A career in the fashion industry has also influenced my aesthetic approach.  As an executive in sales and merchandising, I worked side by side with design to forecast fashion and analyze color and color trends. This exposure and training of continuously evaluating color combinations and coordinating entire collections has directed my color choices and has helped to fine-tune my sense of color."

About Alina B

Lithuania native Alina is a contemporary glass artist. Her love for glass design began at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, where she learned techniques including blown glass, fusing, etching, casting, and stained glass under the instruction of Valmantas Gutauskas, apprentice of the acclaimed Dale Chihuly. She also studied art history at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Munchen, where she found inspiration in Franz Klein, Egon Schiele, and Gustav Klimt.

Alina B's fine art mirror casts colorful reflections onto the side of her studio building. 

After graduating Alina travelled, ultimately moving to Connecticut in 2010. Although the values her academic education, she enjoys experimenting with different materials, paying tribute to traditional technique while embracing ‘the now’ and letting go. Today, Alina’s preferred glass medium is mirror, which she manipulates using acids and paint. Surprising passages of color and pattern entwined with preserved reflective areas create a charged, fluid composition that responds to light and its environment.

"There are two things that fascinate me when working with mirrors: that my 'canvas' is a challenging surface with which to work, and the introduction of a finished piece into an environment. Each new space or angle engages the viewer; reflections of light or rooms become a part of the piece. In a way, these mirror paintings are never-ending creations."

Find artwork by Kelly Rossetti in her Artist Collection, and find all artwork by Alina B here. Visit our Kaleidoscope Exhibition Collection to explore showcased artwork online. 


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