Sorelle artist Julia Contacessi will host a live studio tour from Sorelle Gallery's Instagram this Friday, May 1st at 4:30pm. 

Viewers will gain an exclusive look at Julia's new, recently redesigned artist studio. During the tour she will expand on her creative process and evolution, different types of media she uses, and answer questions. 

Julia earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Pratt Institute in New York City in 2000. Since then, her eye for composition coupled with her love of painting, design and photography has earned Julia numerous awards in publications like Photographer's Forum and Creativity. Her work is also part of the Yale Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library Special Collections(ALSC) in New Haven. She currently resides in Fairfield County, Connecticut. 

"When you layer on the paint just right, so that it dances across a wash of another color,” Julia says of her work, “a new level of dimension is created. Combine that with the exploration of color and I’ve just begun to capture something meaningful. My style is single-minded, focused on the simplicity of beauty in the moment. My goal is to drown out the noise and find a sense of calm through light. The end result is clean, fresh and modern." Julia's work can be viewed here

Follow Sorelle Gallery (@sorellegallery) and Julia Contacessi (@fineartcontacessi) on Instagram for the latest updates on the tour! The tour will be hosted on Sorelle Gallery's account. 

To watch the tour, at 4:30pm on May 1, click here and click the Sorelle profile picture. 


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